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A simple and innovative utility token on multiple blockchain networks, which can be traded on CEXs and DEXs; and used as payment voucher to purchase goods and services on our USERPAY Merchandise (UPM).


The dumping rates of different Altcoins without use cases is very alarming. Consequently, many investors have been wrecked by this increasing Altcoins Dumping Syndrome.

In this regard, there is need for an innovative tokenization initiative like USER PAY with existing and increasing use cases that can motivate investors to hold the token and mitigate the Altcoins Dumping Syndrome. 

Main Features

Valid Use Cases

USER PAY has existing and well established use cases. Our USERPAY Merchandise (UPM) offers various useful digital products that can be purchased with USER PAY token.

Increasing Value

USER PAY has the potential for attracting increasing market value due to its well established and increasing use cases. Increasing value means increasing profit to smart USER PAY users and holders.


The increasing use cases and token-economy of our USER PAY token/voucher offers a unique protection against the usual Alt-coin Dumping Syndrome, which has wrecked several projects.

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